We offer many Vampire Procedures: (PRP is your platelets spun becoming rich enough to inject into the body)

  • Vampire face lift – PRP is injected into your face to give you more volume, texture, shape and color. $1,600
  • Vampire facial- PRP is micro-needled into your skin making your face look younger and reducing damages. $600
  • Breast lift- PRP injected into your breast tissue making a more tighter, lifted breast. $1,600
  • Wing lift – PRP injected into your labia making it more fuller.
  • O shot- PRP injected into the vaginal wall and clitoris for more sensation with sex and reducing bladder leakage. $1,600
  • P shot- PRP injected into the penis to help orgasms and more pleasure. $1,600
  • Hair restoration- PRP injected into the scalp causing more hair growth and thicker hair. $1,200