Good afternoon ALL!

The bremelanotide shot for arousal and ED was so popular we literally ran out in 4 days, BUT we just received some more vials so it is BACK IN STOCK and ready to roll 🙂

The FIREBALL shot is our newest option for men and WOMEN aka
PT-141 or Bremelanotide
PT 141 (Bremelanotide) is a subQ injection used to enhance AROUSAL in women and erectile function in men. It is a type of peptide for sexual arousal issues like dipping libido levels and erections that fizzle out almost immediately.

Increase in libido levels
Elevated degrees of sexual gratification
Enhanced vigor and sexual desire
Strengthened penile erections

Could take up to 6 hours to see results (mine only took 49 minutes). Results may last 48-72 hours. YES THIS WORKS
We now have this available! Ring in the New Year with a little more excitement:)
Single injection: $50
Entire vial (10-20 doses): $200
Don’t forget we also offer:
Oshots. Pshots. Bocox for ED. Emsella for tightening the pelvic floor (think Kegels). Rocket boosters (increase nitric oxide). Cellutone for cellulite and ED.

Give us a call or text for more info! 361-844-8866


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