We have had so many inquiries about the Emsculpt Neo that I decided it was time…to get to KNOW NEO. You want to build a BOOTY? We can help you with that, But….. it ends FRIDAY. Build muscle, burn fat and tighten skin all in ONE …series of 4 treatments. ALL 25% off this week only

Emsculpt Neo:
Burns Up to 30% of Fat
Builds Up to 25% More Muscle
Tightens the skin with radio frequency technology
Only 30 Minutes
Zero Downtime
No Recovery Time

The non-invasive HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology induces supramaximal muscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions. When exposed to supramaximal contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such extreme condition. It responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure that results in muscle building and fat burning

20,000 sit ups equals to 30 minutes sessions with EMSCULPT.

Emsculpt KNOW Neo sale packages (THIS WEEK ONLY)

4 treatments and 1 slender IV
25% Sale: $2813

6 treatments, plus 2 slender IV and 1 bottle of Mesoderm
25% Sale: $4335

6 treatments, plus 2 slender IV, 1 Mesoderm, and 6 Emsella treatments with 6 Rocket boosters IV or IM
25%Sale: $5190


Also here is the link for applying for the Cherry payment plan: apply here: https://pay.withcherry.com/mindbodyws

Call or text for more information 361-844-8866
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